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How to Bring Scandi Style to Your Home

In our blog post, we aim to point out the focal points of achieving a Scandinavian aesthetic and the small, gradual changes you can make to achieve this look in your space. Our dedicated project management team have curated this list with their expertise on interior design.


Scandinavian aesthetics are known for being timeless and retaining their modernity. As a result, they have been at the forefront of most interior design trends and always come back time and time again as consumers and clients tend to gravitate towards minimalism. 

Tip #1 - Utilise Open Space

Scandinavian architecture is known for utilising all of the space that is available to them, however, it does not necessarily mean that the space appears crammed or disorganised. 


Rather, each nook is used effectively in order to create intelligent storage systems, which in turn helps to create open spaces whereby there is no need to devise any more storage systems or add any additional pieces of furniture. 


These open spaces then can be utilised to create the illusion of a larger room or space that can help to build the atmosphere and add to the ambiance of the room. The less cluttered a space is, the more likely the occupants will feel comfortable within that specific area. 


Therefore, within Scandi interior design, it is important to use every inch of space and devise intelligent storage systems to reduce clutter and to create open space. 

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Tip #2 - Use light coloured accents and flooring

Within Scandi interior design, designers and occupants are seeking to create spaces that are easy on the eye - this means that the spaces should appear coherent.


The flooring chosen by Scandi interior designers tends to be timeless and light coloured as they do not offer stark contrasts between the finishings and the overall design characteristics from the rest of the home. 


Light coloured accents, furnishings and flooring work in conjunction to create a space where there is fluidity and coherence. Once again, this helps to bring out the natural ambiance of the space and reduce any stark contrasts which may disrupt the overall appearance.

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 Tip #3 - Natural finishes 

Usability and durability is key within Scandi day to day philosophy and particularly within their interior design solutions. 


The finishing touches are always natural and as a result, bold colours and materials are used sparingly. Decorative pieces and furnishings are usually made from natural resources, which aligns well with the open-plan, natural and neutral aesthetic of the space. 


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