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We Are Neo

At the very core of our philosophy we aim to be innovative and always use a modern approach, whether that be through our design or communication style.

Home Renovation

Our Philosophy 

Our company aims to use a new, modern and streamlined approach to construction.  


Our philosophy is to be completely transparent with our clients.


We will always have an open line for communication for updates and your feedback. 


Our ‘neo’ approach aims to provide you with a stress-free experience.

Our Promises to You 

Innovative + Communicative

We use the latest technology to communicate with you and update you on your project.


We aim to offer face-to-face appointments as well as utilising video calling, video messaging and audio messaging. 

Experienced + Expansive

Our team covers all property services, we have contractors, engineers, plumbers, carpenters and designers with over 40 years of combined industry specific experience.


We are committed to working with you and on your time-scale.

Quote Accuracy

Our project managers will always be transparent on prices and aim to commit to them at all times


We will work towards your vision and delegate tasks to our contractors efficiently.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We understand that traditional contractors can be overcomplicated, time-consuming and can often come with hidden costs. 

We use a Neo approach

We work with you and 

your time-scale.

We will work efficiently towards your vision with our contractors.

Use a simplistic approach to make things easy for both sides.

We cover all property services, including: engineering, plumbing, carpentry and designing.

Our project managers will always update you with progress

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