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Wapping, London

Process of redesigning and fitting new bathroom
New flooring and tiling fitted into bathroom

Bathroom Design Fabrication and Renovation

Wapping, London

Our client requested a luxurious and timeless design for their bathroom.


We were able to design and source bespoke materials that fitted their aesthetic and vision. 

Bespoke floor tiling
Bespoke floor tiling
Refurbished redesigned bathroom with design fabrication bespoke marble tile work installation of flooring
Bathroom and hanging WC fitted with new room reframing and custom carpentry

Services completed:

  • ​Design fabrication

  • Bespoke marble tile work

  • Installation of sub flooring

  • Complete reframing of room

  • Intricate detailing on features such as the niche

  • Integrated wall hung WC

  • Custom vanity unit

  • High quality of fittings

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