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Newly renovated kitchen in London, including bespoke carpentry, design solutions and metro tiling. Reorganised plumbing and electrical work.

Clerkenwell, London

Kitchen renovation - new worktop, cabinets, electric lighting were fitted. Design solutions were by project managers and the client.

Bathroom and Kitchen renovation project

Clerkenwell, London

In this project, we worked with our client in order to design and renovate their bathroom and kitchen. 

Our client chose a simple, modern and coherent design throughout their property - to which we devised a kitchen and bathroom for their aesthetic. 

Bespoke shelves made by our carpentry experts. New worktop and section created within the kitchen space.
Bespoke shelves, fitted and designed by bespoke carpenters. New shower rail and toilet fitted for our client. New metro tiling and vinyl flooring fitted to suit customer's needs.
JPEG image-CDBA22227315-1.jpeg
Newly renovated and remodelled bathroom within London. Bespoke metro tiling and reorganising of plumbing systems. New vinyl tiled fitted onto the floor.


  • Metro tiling 

  • Fitting new toilet, shower, towel rail

  • Selecting and fitting bespoke vinyl flooring

  • Bespoke shelf, designed and created by our carpenters

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