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Making Use of Limited Space

We understand that limited space can make-or-break your experience in that area.

In this blog, we provide tips and tricks as property specialists on how to make the most out of your space.  

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Living in a city as vast as London is a privilege - knowing that everything is under your finger-tip and a single tap, click and TFL journey away is unbeatable. It is part of what makes our city the way it is and it can spark a sense of joy and pride when you live the London lifestyle. 


However, one slight drawback can be just how tight we are for space in our city - there is so much that often it feels like there is no space left for us. Homes and spaces can feel cramped and incredibly limited - yet, there are tips and tricks on how you could overcome this and make your space work for you. Yes, this requires more effort - we agree. But, the silver lining is the fact that your space is completely unique to you and you have found a way to make your space work for you in the city. 


Here, in our blog post, we provide you with tips and tricks on how to make use of limited space, whilst adding your personal touches to it.

Tip #1 - Section Your Space Out

What is the main purpose of your space?


Are you trying to create a make-shift office space in your bedroom, or are you trying to add a little working area to your kitchen?


Whatever your purpose - it is important to know, your space has a purpose. You just need to think about what you will use your space for and organise accordingly. 


In order to do this, we recommend that you complete a bird’s eye view sketch of your room and start partitioning it into sections. For example, if you wanted to add a little office/working section to your bedroom, just sketch your room out and divide it into sections. Think about the purpose of each section and start buying furniture accordingly. When you’ve got limited space, make sure that you measure your space carefully and look for furniture that will fit - just to save you some headache and money!

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Tip 1
Reading nook, custom carpentry, maximising space
Tip #2 - Utilise Your Entire Space

Do you have a stack of books, yet, you’re unsure of where to put them because you don’t have space for a bookcase - but, at the same time, you’ve got a vacant window cill?


Look for every nook in your space and try to repurpose it all, chances are, you have a lot more space than you’ve realised.


Tops of wardrobes, underneath your bed, window cils are just some that are easy to name - however, there are a lot more in each space because each space is unique. It is completely in your control to find a space and make the most of it. 


What’s great about this approach is that utilising each section adds little aspects of your own personality into your space - making that little book display in the corner of your bedroom is a lot more ‘you’ than just leaving it empty!

Tip #3 - Have a Colour Palette

Having a colour palette will allow you to have a coherent aesthetic in your space. This would allow you to select pieces for your room that fit your space and make it appear neat and less cluttered. 


In turn, this leads to your space appearing more organised and more ‘you’. 


We recommend that you work around the colours of your furniture and finishings in order to start decorating your space.

Coherent colour scheme bathroom
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