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Modern Solutions for the Spaces You Love

We are the most hassle-free option with an extensive network of professionals to cover all of our client's needs.

We are a London based construction company like no-other.

We only work with the most experienced and innovative contractors.

Our team holds over 40 years of combined experience within the construction and property development industries. 


How we work 

You envision the project.


We do the hard-work.




Our approach is to always communicate with you and guide you through a process which is traditionally known to be difficult. 


Our step-by-step process is unique to our organisation. 


Our Project Phases

Phase 1:
We receive our client’s enquiry

In this stage of the project, we liaise with our client and get an understanding of the project they have envisioned - whether it is general property upkeep, design services or complete refurbishment.


Our experienced project managers will conduct a site survey and begin to set out the parameters of your project - this will enable us to provide you with an accurate quote. 

Our Project Phases
Phase 1

Phase Two:
Estimate + Quote Acceptance

In this phase of the project, we communicate with our clients with full transparency to provide an estimation of their project. At this point, we aim to make as many adjustments to accommodate for our client's needs. 


When both parties agree on the quote - we can roll onto the next stage!

Phase 2
Phase Three: Design

We begin to work towards our client’s brief and the specifications of their vision. 


Our project managers work in conjunction with the client at all times to find suitable materials for the project. Clients are constantly provided with updates to ensure they can provide feedback on our primary design.

Phase 3.1

Phase Four:
Your Project

i). Job Start

All of the materials that we have carefully selected are delivered and our contractors begin to start drawing up plans on how to conduct the project in your space.

ii). Updates

Our experienced project managers will always keep you informed throughout every aspect of the project, with regular site visits and communication with you.


We aim to include you in the project as much as possible by acting on your feedback where possible.

iii). Job Completion

As soon as our contractors announce that they have finished, our project managers will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the job has been completed to perfection.


We will then invite the client to provide feedback - when our client is satisfied, we’re satisfied.


Neospaces will always act on your feedback.

Phase 4

What we offer...

Being the most hassle-free construction company in London means we cover all property services. 

Here we have a few examples of the aspects we cover, click here for more detail. 

All you have to do is sit-back throughout the entire process...

Office space construction company commercial Islington

Are you looking to increase the space in your property, or, convert your loft or basement for some extra space? 


Our expert contractors are able to design and help increase the space in your property. We understand that your property is a space special to you - we aim to replicate this in the extensions that we build.

Commercial Property

Does your shop need an update? Is your office becoming difficult to use? Are you a budding restaurateur? 


Our company can help you out. We offer our construction and design services to fit your requirements.

Loft extension, construction company Islington.jpg




If your property needs a little TLC or a complete refurbishment, we are here. 

Our dedicated project managers aim to work towards your project and design brief at all times to bring your vision to life. 

Refurbishment and repairs, construction company Islington.jpg




Asset 4-8.png

Safety certificates are important for peace of mind and also they are a legal requirement for homeowners.


Our fully-qualified engineers can provide certificates in: gas safety, electrical safety and energy efficiency.

Remapping electical wiring, construction company Islington

Safety Certificates

A professional paint-job should appear timeless and neat - which is why we only use the highest quality materials and decorators to ensure that your space has received the care it needs.

Painting and decorating spaces in Islington, London, construction company

Painting Decorating

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